Italian in the kitchen: The Mediterranean Diet – single lessons


The Mediterranean DietSingle lessons
Italian language and cooking lessons.
6 lessons of about 120 minutes each, accessible to all students with at least a B1 level of Italian.
For up to 12 people.
Where: Kitchen space of the Italian Cultural Institute in Prague (Šporkova 335/14, Praha 1).
When: Monday from 6 to 8 p.m., from 6 March to 24 April 2023.
Price for 1 lesson: 850 CZK
It is possible to purchase the whole package of lessons for 4800 CZK. See The Mediterranean Diet – course

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The Mediterranean Diet is a food model that is enjoying great success and is increasingly appreciated all over the world. Mainly based on the use of cereals, legumes, fruit, fresh vegetables, olive oil, but also of meat and fish in small quantities, due to its healthy virtues and its genuineness, the Mediterranean diet represents a real style of healthy, balanced and sustainable life.

During the course, held completely in Italian, students, under the guidance of the teacher, will prepare a typical dish of the rich gastronomic tradition of the Mediterranean Diet, always accompanied by good Italian wine.
Food preparation will offer the opportunity to speak in Italian, tell the story of the dish, socialize and have fun.

06.03 Caponata siciliana (with Anna and Francesca)
13.03 Cecina Toscana (with Marco)
20.03 Spaghetti con crema di gamberi, impepata di cozze (with Francesco)
27.03 Guazzetto (with Tristano)
17.04 Insalata di riso e caprese (with Mauro)
24.04 Peperoni, pomodori e verdure ripiene (with Anna)


B1, B2, C1


Monday 18.00 – 20.00