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How to enroll in a course

To enroll in one of our courses you need to be registered on this site. Registering will allow you to purchase our courses and individual lessons, and take our entrance or end-of-course tests.

Once you purchase a course, you will automatically be enrolled in it.

To register, please fill in the REGISTRATION FORM.

What to expect after submitting the form

    You will have an account enabling you to purchase our courses, one-to-one lessons, and to take our entrance or end-of-course tests.

    You will receive information and advice on choosing the course to purchase via email.

    If you have chosen to enroll in a Standard Italian course and you are an absolute beginner, you can immediately purchase an A1a (one-weekly) or A1ab (twice-weekly) level course.
    If you had previously studied Italian, you will receive an email with the link to the placement test.

    If you have chosen to enroll in a Special Italian Course, you can immediately purchase the course/lesson.
    Note that these are courses that require a minimum knowledge of Italian equal to at least a B1 level.

    If you request individual lessons, you will be contacted as soon as we have the availability of one of our teachers. An entrance test is required for those who have already studied Italian.

    For CILS courses and exams, consult CILS courses and exams.

    Placement test

      The placement test is provided for those who have already studied Italian and want to attend one of our Standard Italian Courses, Summer Courses or require Private Lessons.

      The placement test consists of (1) a written part, which takes place online and tests knowledge of grammar and vocabulary, and (2) an oral interview.

      The link to the written part of the test is sent after registration is completed; the oral part is only possible in the three weeks preceding the start of the chosen courses, on pre-established days and times. Booking is mandatory and takes place immediately after the written test has been taken.

      For private lessons, the oral test is not required.


        Payment for a course and/or lesson corresponds to enrollment and therefore to the reservation of a place in the corresponding course.

        Payment is only possible by bank transfer.

        Payment data is sent automatically when ordering (use your order number as your identification).

        Once payment has been received, you will automatically be enrolled in the course or lesson.
        In the event that the number of students for the course exceeds the maximum capacity of 12 participants, priority will be given to those enrolled who have completed the payment at least one week before the start of the course.

        Please note that the Italian Cultural Institute operates as a division of the Italian Embassy and does not have the capability to issue invoices. However, we are able to provide non-tax documents such as an order for payment of services or confirmation of payment for freelancers or companies.

        Contacts and support

          For more information or requests, write to:
          We do our best to respond within 48 business hours.