Welcome to the Parlo-Italiano website, the school of Italian language and culture of the Italian Cultural Institute of Prague. We offer courses of all types and for all ages. We are sure you will find a course matching your needs.
In addition to the large range of courses available, we would like to stress the professionality of our faculty and the quality of our courses. We guarantee their continuity and standardization owing to a thorough preparation of tailor-made syllabi and the choice of textbooks that are modern and constantly updated. Placement of students into courses is based on an interview and a placement test. Classes are made up of students of the same level of knowledge, allowing the teacher to progress flexibly and quickly thereby enabling students to benefit from mutual cooperation.
In order to make our courses even more comprehensive and attractive, we have prepared:
A new well-structured webside
A third session of courses in May
Online entry test
New onsite courses
Tailored individual lessons
Online course ItaLiS for the entire A1 level

Why choose our courses?

In our courses we use the communicative approach and we adopt an open and flexible methodology. All our teachers are native speakers with degrees in philology or languages and are specialized in teaching Italian for foreigners. We teach in Italian already from the beginner level and so provide our students with tools to communicate and understand. We use up-to-date and diverse teaching materials. Our lessons, fun and varied, are set up so that they develop all four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. We work on the development of the class dynamics without forgetting the needs of the individual student. We offer standard and specialized classes, workshops and many other events aimed at promoting Italian culture in the Czech Republic. For those who cannot take part in classroom learning we offer lessons on Skype or Zoom and also an online course.


Our courses leave a lot of room, through multiple didactic activities, for developing this essential language skill (still more important for students of L2 who have to learn away from Italy).


Since the very beginning our students are exposed to the teachers´ Italian and to listening materials that are supplied during the lessons. The aim is to start listening without stress, without the pressure of having to understand each phrase and to focus on the general meaning.


Already from level A1 the student is instructed how to read a text without the necessity of understanding each word, trying to grasp the general sense.


Writing too, in order to improve, is practised in stages. Already at A1 level, the students start to approach writing little by little, creating texts that correspond to their level of Italian and also matching their basic communicative needs, be it messages, shopping lists, short emails and wish cards.


Why study the Italian language?

We could explain it ourselves but we prefer to provide you with answers we received from our students. Thanks to the feedback we periodically get from student satisfaction survey that serves to design our lessons to match our students’ needs.

1. For the passion for Italian culture, from music to the arts, across cinema to literature.
2. For natural and artistic beauty of our country, spots to visit or already visited, places that inspire us to study the language
3. For the love of “Made in Italy”: from fashion to design, from the cuisine to wine
4. For the love of the lifestyle of Italians
5. For the warmth, friendliness and creativity of Italians
6. For the Italian person waiting for them 😊
7. For the musicality of the language
8. For academic reasons (going to Italy on Erasmus or other academic motives)
9. For work, especially in the food sector, fashion or design
Italian is, all in all, a language of pleasure. It is always good to bear in mind all those motivations when we welcome you at our courses at the Italian cultural institute in Prague.


CILS Certification

The CILS Certification is the first Italian certification to have adopted the system of six levels of linguistic-communicative competence proposed by the Common European Framework of Reference of the Council of Europe and to have created specific certification modules for workers of foreign origin in Italy.

Exam preparation

Exam preparation for CILS certificate

Exams in place

You can take the CILS exams in our school

For everyone

No requirement of an academic degree to sit CILS Exams

Exam B1 Cittadinanza

Preparation for Exam B1 Cittadinanza