A. Full course price should be paid prior not later than one week before the beginning of the course.

B. A registered student may request a refund of the course fee only prior to the start of the course. The Institute will deduct the administrative fee of 300 CZK from the amount. After the start of the course, no amount will be refunded.

C. Should, in case of new measures regarding the spread of Covid-19, the in-class courses not be allowed, the instruction will continue online.

D. The course fee also covers: free library pass and borrowing of books and video materials in accordance with the rules of the library. The pass will be issued by the Librarian.

E. Students are required to have the required textbooks for the duration of the course.
F. The minimum number of students per course is 5, the maximum is 12.

G. A transfer from the course in which the student is enrolled to another course is allowed only within the first two weeks of the course, and on the condition that the capacity of the chosen course allows for such a transfer.

H. The Institute reserves its right to cancel a course if conditions for opening such a course are not met. If a course is cancelled, the student may select another course of the same level or ask for a full refund of the amount paid.

I. The Institute reserves the right to change the course instructor of an existing course if it is deemed necessary due to organizational reasons.

L. Starting from the first lesson of a course, including at the beginners´ level, the language used in class is Italian.

M. At the end of a general course the student shall take a final online test, the passing of which enables them to move up to the higher level course and ask to obtain a certificate of completion of such course.

N. Should a student miss one or more classes, they will not be allowed to make up for their absence by attending another class of the same level. Should a teacher miss one or more lessons, he or she will be temporarily substituted or he or she will agree with the class on make-up lessons.

Individual lessons: Rights and obligations of the parties

a) If the student does not show up for the lesson at an agreed time, the teacher is required to wait for them. The teacher is not required to make up for the student´s delay.

b) If the student needs to change the time/date of a lesson, the teacher will try to meet the student´s needs, while taking into account commitments of their own.

c) The student is required to announce the cancellation of a lesson, by email at info@parlo-italiano.cz not later than 24 hours before the scheduled lesson; in the event of a lesson immediately following a weekend (on Monday), cancellations must be communicated no later than Friday by 3 p.m. If the cancellation is not made on time, the lesson will be deemed delivered.

d) The student is required to complete all the lessons in the agreed number of weeks, and if need be, to use the 3 weeks immediately following for any make-up lessons. At the end of this period, the student loses the right to undelivered lessons.

e) Should the teacher or the substitute teacher be not able to deliver a lesson, the Institute is required to inform the student in advance. If the lesson cannot be delivered within the indicated time/ date, the customer has the right to a make-up lesson.