New spring courses 2024:
morning and afternoon

6 May marks the start of the new cycle of morning and afternoon courses: May-June bimester

There are two types of courses starting:
a) twice-weekly ‘standard’ courses (bis), with 14 lessons of 120 minutes
b) single-weekly review and in-depth courses (rip), with 5 or 6 or 7 lessons
(if you click on the course you can see how many lessons are provided and the price)

Public holidays and suspension of lessons
3 and 4 June (for Italian Republic Day)
5 June (for the CILS exam)

Please note that if you are a new student, there is an online entry test and a small online interview.
Only for beginners (A1.a) enrolment is direct, without entrance test.

For information please write to: