Italy in Photos

We could explain it ourselves but we prefer to provide you with answers we received from our students. Thanks to the feedback we periodically get from student satisfaction survey that serves to design our lessons to match our students´ needs.
  1. For the passion for Italian culture, from music to the arts, across cinema to literature.
  2. For the natural and artistic beauty of our country, places to visit or already visited places that inspire us to study the language
  3. For the love of “Made in Italy”: from fashion to design, from the cuisine to wine
  4. For the love of the lifestyle of Italians
  5. For the warmth, friendliness and creativity of Italians
  6. For the Italian person waiting for them 😊
  7. For the musicality of the language
  8. For academic reasons (going to Italy on Erasmus or for other academic motives)
  9. For work, especially in the food sector, fashion or design

Italian is, all in all, a language of pleasure. It is always good to bear in mind all those motivations when we welcome you at our courses at the Italian Cultural Institute in Prague.