Hatha yoga in Italian

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The course offers one 60-minute lesson weekly, a total of 12 lessons. The participant will begin to appreciate the practice and acquire tools to start spreading the yoga mat even at home and learn to listen to our body. The asanas we will work on are elementary, however they include all groups of postures. The standing posture to stimulate greater confidence with rooting. Spinal flexions and twists to stimulate the mobility of the spine and pelvis. Simple trunk extensions will strengthen the back muscles by providing new opening to the thoracic area. During the lesson techniques of Pranayama and Yoga Nidra will be introduced and emphasis will be placed on anatomical-physiological aspects as well as on the benefits of postures. The exercise is joyful yet disciplined, stimulating yet not competitive, respectful of the people, the place, the message, the exercise itself.

Every Tuesday at 6.30 pm.


Once a week