B2 Standard – R

2 500 

Level: B2 – Upper intermediate
Attendance: once a week
Price for 7 lessons (= 14 hours): CZK 2,500

In-depth study and strengthening of the structures already learned of the Italian language.
Read, speak, write and listen in Italian improving your communicative skills in many real situations.

The student is placed on the basis of the test.

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According to the CEFR, level B2 is the Intermediate Progress level. In this level, the student is able to understand the main ideas of complex texts on both concrete and abstract topics, as well as specialist discussions related to his / her field of specialization. He can interact with fluency and spontaneity as to allow normal interaction with native Italian speakers. He can express himself clearly and in detail on a wide range of topics and manages to explain his point of view on a topic by providing the pros and cons. In our courses it takes 120 hours and is subdivided into levels B2a, B2b, B2c, B2d.

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